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  Early reviews for UNCOMMON VALOR

"Well researched and well written. It is a must-read for any Special Forces warrior or SOG historian/aficionado." John Stryker Meyer, SOG Green Beret, One-Zero of RT Idaho and author of Across the Fence: The Secret War in Vietnam

Publisher: Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland
384 pages, including index, appendices, 100-plus photos and maps
Military History, Non-fiction, Vietnam War, Special Forces. Price: $35.00

"Uncommon Valor is a triumph—a masterfully researched narrative filled with tremendous characters and firefights that will send readers' pulse rates soaring from the first page." James M. Scott, author of the Pulitzer Prize finalist Target Tokyo


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"By interviewing more than 100 veterans during his research, Moore has compiled a rare snapshot into the daily combat operations of a Special Forces forward operating base. The U.S. government denied SOG's existence until awarding us the Presidential Unit Citation in 2001 for 'unheralded top secret missions behind enemy lines across Southeast Asia.' Fast-paced and exciting, Uncommon Valor finally reveals the patriotism and raw courage displayed by so many of my brothers-in-arms, including five who earned the Medal of Honor."—Major Warren W. "Bud" Williams, US Army (Ret), SOG Green Beret veteran


Recon team being extracted


Wilson Hunt, the author's uncle-in-law, was among the Green Beret veterans who shared his recon stories for the book. As the one-zero (team leader) of Recon Team Maine, Hunt participated in many missions across the fence, including back to back prisoner snatch missions–in which his team was extracted with captured North Vietnamese Army officers.

Hunt is seen in this 1968 photo with his field gear and face paint. Freshly returned to the Kontum compound, he has just been handed a traditional post-mission beer to celebrate the end of his mission.

Wilson Hunt, post-mission


Robert Lewis Howard, who arrived at FOB-2 Kontum in 1967, was written up three times for the Medal of Honor. One was downgraded to a Distinguished Service Cross, the nation's second highest award, and the other to a Silver Star. Bob Howard was wounded on fourteen different occasions, received eight Purple Hearts, and a long string of military awards. He emerged from the Vietnam War as America's most highly decorated soldier since World War II's Audie Murphy.

"Howard just loved combat," said one of his comrades. Many considered him the bravest man they had ever met. "He ran TOWARD the enemy at all times," said one team leader.

Bob Howard with Medal of Honor